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Twiddle have been recording and performing together since 2004 when they met at College in Vermont. Since they have excelled within the diverse Jam Band scene through their Reggae/Dub infused sound that touches upon Jazz, Blues, Psychedelic, and good old fashion RnR. Twiddle performs in front of tens of thousands of fans at venues all over the US. Their SRG debut is an epic 2 CD collection of original recordings with a little help from the legendary Ron St Germain (311, Bad Brains).

Track listing:
Disc 1
1: When It Rains It Pours
2: Amydst The Myst
3: Complacent Race
4: Lost In The Cold
5: Five (Radio Edit)
6: Every Soul
7: Syncopated Healing
8: Dusk 'til Dawn
9: Polluted Beauty
10: Be There
11: Indigo Trigger
12: White Light
13: Five

Disc 2
1: Enter
2: Orlando's
3: Juggernaut
4: Moments
5: Milk [feat. Tim Palmieri]
6: Nicodemus Portulay
7: New Sun
8: Forevers
9: The Fantastic Tale Of Ricky Snickle
10: Peas And Carrots
11: Drifter
12: Blunderbuss
13: Fat Country Baby
14: Dinner Fork
15: Purple Forrest